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Professional Nursery Photographers

When it comes to Kids Photography, look no further than Captured Moments Photography for a ‘how to’.

Our specialist expertise at photographing kids is about the ability to connect, encourage and capture the moment. Kids need to feel relaxed and supported and encouraged to be themselves when being photographed. It is this nurturing environment that allows them to shine. This in turn enables them to reveal their inner nature and giving us the opportunity to photograph them at their most natural and simple beautiful.

Captured Moments Photography creates wonderful Childrens Photography.

As School Photographer we do our Kids Photography in Hertfordshire and North London, UK. We have over 100 nurseries and schools that we have been photographing for many years. Whether you are a parent or a nursery manager everyone benefits with Captured Moments Photography. For the parents, it’s the time and patience that is spent with your child ensuring the best possible photographs. For the nursery manager, receiving a highly professional service and a great rate of commission. As for us at Captured Moments Photography… we get the opportunity to do what we love.

As well as doing kids photography we also offer family sessions to our nurseries. That way the whole family can have fun! Family sessions run on a Saturday or Sunday so everyone can join in. We offer the same prices as nursery photos and the same great rate of commission for you too.